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May's Studio, it's a team of professional dedicated to their art.

Yes, we offer wedding coverages to suit all your needs, on location and in studio portrait packages. What ever you needs are for photography, we got your covered! But...

Looking for a new camera, need an expert's advice? We carry the most popular brand of cameras, the latest models. We don't just sell you a camera, we sell you the camera you need... The best thing is, since we are also photographers, we know how they work and we can teach you!

Every time we sell you a camera, we include a private one on one lessons. Ever better, we have all the accessories to gear you up so you are ready to get the most of your new purchase! You think small stores are more expensive than box stores? Try us!! You might just be very surprised... Next time you are around, pay a visit to our framing department. Wether you are a fine art collector or simply looking for a nice ready-made frame for your little one's school picture, again we have everything you need! Our custom framing department takes pride in building your special project directly in house! Your art never leaves our building.

Speaking of art and memories. Did you just recently uncovered a box of old family photos? Are they ripped? Wrinkled? Faded? Scratched? Bring them to us, we can fix them! And if you don't know what to do with those shoeboxes full of slides, bring them, we have a solution! Finally, if you are looking for a perfect gift for a baby shower or for a newborn, take a look at our selection! We are proud to carry high end baby items, most made locally.